Editors of Journals

Chair: Roland T. Rust (University of Maryland), VP of Publications, American Marketing Association

Journal of Marketing: Shrihari (Hari) Sridhar (Texas A&M University), Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Marketing Research: Rebecca W. Hamilton (Georgetown University), Incoming Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Consumer Research: Bernd Schmitt (Columbia University), Editor-in-Chief

Marketing Science: Olivier Toubia (Columbia University), Editor-in-Chief

International Journal of Research in Marketing: Martin Schreier (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business), Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Academy of Marketing Science: John Hulland (University of Georgia), Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Service Research: Ming-Hui Huang (National Taiwan University), Editor-in-Chief

International Marketing Review: John Cadogan (Loughborough University), Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Macromarketing: Joseph Sirgy (Virginia Tech), Editor-in-Chief

International Journal of Advertising: Charles R. Taylor (Villanova University), Editor-in-Chief

Psychology & Marketing: Giampaolo Viglia (University of Portsmouth), Editor-in-Chief

Industrial Marketing Management: C. Anthony Di Benedetto (Temple University), Co-Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Consumer Psychology: Lauren Block (Baruch College), Editor-in-Chief

Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing & Logistics: Ian Phau (Curtin University), Editor-in-Chief

International Journal of Consumer Studies: Justin Paul (University of Puerto Rico), Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Interactive Advertising: Jooyoung Kim (University of Georgia), Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising: Sukki Yoon (Bryant University), Editor-in-Chief

Journal of the Association for Consumer Research: Vicki G. Morwitz (Columbia University), Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Global Fashion Marketing: Eunju Ko (Yonsei University), Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science: Isaac Cheah (Curtin University), Co-Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Global Sport Management: Kihan Kim (Seoul National University), Editor-in-Chief

Spanish Journal of Marketing-ESIC: Carlos Flavian (University of Zaragoza), Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Service Management: Werner H. Kunz (University of Massachusetts Boston), Area Editor in Technology & Digital

Australasian Marketing Journal: Liem Ngo (University of New South Wales), Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Advertising Research: Colin Campbell (University of San Diego), Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Business Research: Mirella H.P. Kleijnen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Editor-in-Chief

Tourism Management: Xiang (Robert) Li (Temple University), Associate Editor