Digital Fashion Show for the 2023 GMC at Seoul

Digital Fashion for the 2023 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul

1.Digital fashion show theme:

- The Weekend in upstate New York 

Celebrating 2023 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul, Manhattan based brand YUNA YANG collection invites GMC attendees to the digital fashion show called 'The Weekend in Upstate New York'.

The pandemic has dramatically changed the lifestyle and lifestyle of consumers, and the role of high-end designer brands has emerged to present a lifestyle that is different from existing values or shopping patterns.

Reflecting the interest in health and exercise after the pandemic, the Yunayang collection launched the 2023 sportswear line, presenting a lifestyle collection that works hard during the week and enjoys the weekend. Reflecting the lifestyle of the upper class living in Manhattan enjoying a weekend getaway at a luxury resort in Upstate New York, the core of New York's lifestyle, enjoy sports such as golf, tennis, hiking, and swimming during the day, and enjoy a meal and drink at a luxurious resort restaurant located in the resort in the evening. A collection featuring a reflection day-to-evening line and a practical evening line that can be worn even during sports is announced.

The inspiration for YUNA YANG’s 2023 sportswear collection began with American sportswear and princess Diana’s sportswear styling in the 1980s. The collection contains A ruffle top with a comfortable yet dressy shape for a day-to-evening look using 100% recycled Italian jersey, and a plaid look decorated with calm sequins, YUNA YANG’s signature polo shirt made of quick-drying, UV-blocking material that emphasizes functionality. We hope that bright colors and easy to wear yet dressy looks will bring energy to all of us to dream of a positive future in fear of uncertainty after Covid-19.

Yunayang Collection uses recycled materials in each collection and collaborates with artisans in Manhattan who are disappearing for the sake of local economy and coexistence.

Entire YUNA YANG sportswear products are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Manhattan.

2. Designer profile:

2021: ‘Fearless’ autobiography book publication

2020: Master class at F.I.I New York

2019: 4 creators Umeda Hankyu department store in Osaka Japan

2019: F/W season New York Fashion week 5 best collections selected by Macy's department group

2019: U.N. invited a guest speaker for ‘Creative Economy forum’

2018: Master Class at Florida University FL U.S.A

2017: Invited as a panel at Columbia university to celebrate ‘Asian week’ New York

2016: Visiting Designer at Washington University in St. Louis

2014: New York Fashion week 'Most popular show' by Elle USA

2013: collaboration with 20th century Fox movie studio world premier. 'Water    for Elephants'

2013: George Lucas film 'Red Tails'

2012: 5 international rising stars Mojeh Dubai

2011: Manhattan magazine 5 rising stars

2011: New York Magazine 9 designers to watch

2010-2011: 2 times Fashion Bible 'WWD' cover featured as ' New Wave'

2010: FW New York Fashion YUNA YANG collection launching

Attached is the briefs of the digital fashion show for the 2023 GMC at Seoul by Yuna Yang.

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