2023 GAMMA International Invited Art Exhibition: 2023 GMC at Seoul

<2023 GAMMA International Invited Art Exhibition>

1. Theme: Global Landscape of Modern Art
2. Art Director: Juhyun Kim, Kyungsung University
3. Exhibition Format: Virtual Exhibition
4. Description: GAMMA Young Artist Competition lasted from 2016 to 2020 and attracted more than 1,000 artists from the fields of
painting & sculpture, contemporary media art, and architecture & design. 14 artists (USA: 5; France: 3; Poland: 2;
Canada: 1; China: 1; Ukraine: 1; Republic of Korea: 1) among finalists of GAMMA Young Artist Competition are invited
to present their recent artworks at the 2023 GMC at Seoul.

5. Exhibition Link: https://youtu.be/l4WdJ8FEXxQ

For More Information:

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