Venue: Lotte Hotel Seoul & Yonsei University, Seoul, 

Republic of Korea
Dates: July 20-23, 2023
Extended Submission Deadline: January 31, 2023
Theme: Marketing & Management Transformation in the Challenging Digital Environment

Important Dates

Conference Dates: July 20-23, 2023

Extended Submission Deadline: January 31, 2023

Notification Deadline of the Review Results: March 31, 2023

Submission Deadline of the Final Manuscripts: April 10, 2023

Early Bird Registration Deadline: April 17, 2023

Extended Deadline for Conference Hotel Reservation: May 15, 2023


2023 GAMMA International Invited Art Exhibition

Gala Dinner & Invited Hanbok Fashion Show (18:30 July 21)

Meet the Editors: 2023 GMC at Seoul

GAMMA Anthem by Raffaele Donvito

GAMMA Lifetime Achievement Award 2023: GAMMA Fellow Appointment

String Quartet Concert for the 2023 GMC at Seoul

Exclusive SNS Conference Page on LinkedIn: 2023 GMC at Seoul 

Digital Fashion Show for the 2023 GMC at Seoul

Special Concert for the 2023 GMC at Seoul

Recent Videos for Tourist Attractions in Seoul (2023 GMC at Seoul)

2023 GMC at Seoul Program (ver. 3)

Cultural & Industry Events: 2023 GMC at Seoul

Extended Deadline for Hotel Reservation: May 15, 2023

2023 GAMMA Job Platform: Application Deadline (June 22, 2023)

CFP: Appetite on Climate Change and Food Consumption

Keynote Speech: Serving Customers with Feeling AI

The Registration System Open: 2023 GMC at Seoul

2023 GAMMA Experimental Design & Analysis Workshop

2023 GAMMA PLS-SEM Workshop

CFP: 2023 Ritsumeikan Univ.-GAMMA Joint Symposium

CFP: 2023 EMAC-GAMMA Joint Symposium

Conference Hotel: Lotte Hotel Seoul (5-star)

CFP: JSM on Social, Health & Environmental Changes: How does marketing help?

CFP: Publication Opportunities (2023 GMC at Seoul)

CFP: 2023 GMA-GAMMA Joint Symposium (SCOPUS Indexed Book Chapters)

CFP: APJML on the Future of Consumer Experience

CFP: JGFM on Fashion Marketing & Management in Metaverse

CFP: JIA on AI and Virtual Influencer Advertising

CFP: JCIRA on Emerging Issues in Computational Advertising

CFP: IMR on Int'l Marketing Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Ecosystems

CFP: JGSMS on Re-vamping & Re-innovating the Online/Offline Shopping Experience

CFP: P&M Award & Tourism Management Sponsored Track

CFP: P&M Award on Consumer Psychology & Marketing

CFP: IJCS on Digital Consumer Behavior

GAMMA Conference Submission Guidelines

CFP: IJA on Online Advertising & Marketing of Service Businesses

CFP: IJA on New Development in Digital Promotion

CFP: JOSM on The Future of Work

GAMMA Conference Code of Ethics

GMC & GAMMA Trade Mark Registrations in UK & USA

CFP: 2023 GMC at Seoul (July 20-23, 2023)


Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations

President Office: 318 Samsung Hall, Yonsei University 50 Yonsei-Ro, Seodeamun-Gu, Seoul 120-749, Republic of Korea

Central Office: Changwon National University, 20 Changwondaehak-ro, Uichang-gu, Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do 51140, Republic of Korea.